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How Omnifunds Works:

Omnifunds is an automated investment advisor that’s built to be better. We constantly monitor market indicators and invest you in the funds which are poised to move. When market conditions turn volatile, we move your portfolio to safety, avoiding losses, and lost sleep.

In all, our method captures 2-3x the returns of most robo-advisors without exposing your portfolio to as much risk.




When our trading systems detect market volatility, they switch investments into more defensive ETFs, like bonds, to minimize losses.



When the market becomes non-volatile, our trading system switches the portfolio back to a normal allocation, to maximize gains.


The technology behind Omnifunds is 20 years in the making. The artificial intelligence built into our system monitors a number of indicators to determine the state of the market, automatically allowing you to capitalize on upward trends and move to safety when things get volatile.


Most automated advisors don’t attempt to time the market. If stocks are on the way down, you’re in for the slide. Not with Omnifunds. When the market condititions are beginning to sour, Omnifunds acts automatically to move your investments to more stable funds.


Omnifunds is 100% automated and objective. After you set your risk profile and pick your Omnifund, our automated system does the rest of the legwork, finding opportunities and protecting your principal without requiring any further action by you.

The Omnifunds Difference: Performance

The intelligent switching technology used in Omnifunds generated an average annual return over 18% per year when tested over a 3 year period from 2013-2015, beating the return of the market and the Robo-Index; an average return of the top three robo-advisors.

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Don't Save On Fees to Lose in the Market.

Most automated advisors compete on price by keeping their number of trades down, but this can leave your portfolio more exposed to market losses. Omnifunds has a different philosophy-- it doesn’t make sense to save on fees at the expense of losing money in the markets.

You can’t save your way to prosperity. We help you avoid costly portfolio losses in the first place through active management, all for half the cost of an in-person advisor.

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Preserve capital and invest for steady gains, avoiding risk where possible.


Invest conservatively but take advantage of special situations in the market as they occur.


Invest to grow an account as much as possible with less concern for short-term fluctuations.

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