“I’m pleased to announce our Resilient OmniFund, designed to out-perform in ALL Market Conditions!”

Ed Downs - IFM Manager

A Superior Way to Invest
by Ed Downs, IFM Manager

When we first launched OmniFunds in late 2016, I knew we had a winning concept. In 2017 we began developing “SuperFunds” that aggressively trade the market by switching between individual stocks. The result of this is nothing short of phenomenal!

Our first full year trading a SuperFund was 2018, on the Weekly Aggressive OmniFund. This fund cleared 23% in a year when the market was DOWN over 6%! With the Market down 23% as our April OmniFunds News goes to press, the BIG NEWS has to be the new Resilient OmniFund.

Read the latest OmniFunds News to discover:

  • How OmniFunds Works
  • The New Resilient OmniFund – How it thrives in all market conditions
  • Returns We've Seen in all our SuperFunds so far
  • How Users can Create their Own OmniFunds
  • The Exciting Advancements that are coming next!

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Just getting started...

As great as the current OmniFunds are, I believe the coming AI-based funds are going to dramatically beat the performance we have seen so far.  Nirvana AI is coming of age, and OmniFunds will be the first platform to benefit from these advances.  – Ed Downs

The Power of Resilience

Watch this Special Recorded webinar to understand how we are creating OmniFunds that can weather all market conditions:

• An Overview of the OmniFunds Approach to money management.
• How the NEW Resilient Fund was created, and why it’s so powerful.
• How the OmniFunds Lab enables users to customize OmniFunds to their personal specification.
• PLUS – a Special, Limited Time Offer to acquire Lifetime Access to all OmniFunds

Last Chance to "Go Pro"

Pay Once. Use it for Life.

On behalf of Intelligent Fund Management, LLC, I have decided to release 40 more “Pro” seats so my team can focus on the AI-powered OmniFunds.  When released, these new funds will be available for $300+/month.  However, as a Pro User, you can use all OmniFunds and pay no additional fees - for LIFE.

Special Pricing Available...

The March 2020 Newsletter lists a discounted Pro Seat Price of $3,495 – a great deal for LIFETIME access to a platform like OmniFunds. But we want to further recognize our loyal customers who have supported our efforts to bring automatic trading and fund management into the world, and are offering special pricing on these new seats...

47% per Year over 15 years*

Have you ever seen ANYTHING that can generate
returns of nearly 50% per year?  We haven't!

* In historical testing, OmniFunds has generated an average return of 48% over the past 15 years.  In 2019, the first year the fund was operated in real time, we saw a cumulative return of 47%.  As with all investments, past performance is no guarantee of future results.