Create Your Own Omnifunds

The OmniFunds Lab provides you with the ability to create your own OmniFunds! With Lab access, you can easily control every aspect of the OmniFunds process.

Define Your Security Universe

With the Omnifunds Lab, you can create your own list of securities that you want to be considered in your Omnifunds. Select any commonly traded US stocks or ETFs to produce your very own security list for your Omnifund’s consideration.

Determine How Your Omnifund Invests

The Omnifund Lab lets control exactly how and when your Omnifunds select your account holdings. You decide how your Omnifunds will rank, filter, and switch securities to achieve your personal investment goals.

A Wealth of Resources

We makes sure you have everything you need to create profitable Omnifunds. A library of functions, created by our scientists, make it easy to define an Omnifund with only a few clicks. And when you are done, run a simulation to see how your Omnifund would have performed historically.

Turn it On and Trade It!

Once you are ready to trade your Omnifund, activate and turn it on your account to achieve a customized, automated investing solution. No other service provides you with this level of investment control.

The OmniFunds Lab puts all of the tools of the worlds most powerful investment platform at your fingertips. Create your own OmniFunds, or use the Lab in order to customize the existing OmniFunds to your personal specifications. The OmniFunds Lab gives you a level of control that is miles beyond any other investment service.

Only $2995 for LIFETIME Access!

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