We don't charge any fees.  And the Commissions are Small.

We don’t charge or extract any fees out of your account. The only fees charged are for commissions with Interactive Brokers when new trades are established. With commissions as low as ½ cent per share, small accounts can be managed for as little as $10 a month.

Our customers self-direct by applying our OmniFunds technology to their accounts, at their direction. You have exclusive access. Different OmniFunds have more or fewer trades, depending on frequency and # of positions. Turn it on or off at any time. YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

To get started, you just need a Gar Wood Securities account (your funds will be at Interactive Brokers). Then select any OmniFund and activate it to send trades to your brokerage account.

Coming Soon:  Move up to the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Private Members enjoy access to our A.I. based OmniFunds. These funds use Artificial Intelligence for assessing probability of movement, typically resulting in much higher performance.

A.I. OmniFunds are currently in development for our membership. Send an email with “A.I. OmniFunds” to Info@MyOmniFunds.com in the subject and we will let you know when the first A.I. OmniFunds are available on the site, and how to become a Member.

Track our OmniFunds and Discover the OmniFunds Advantage for yourself!