Choose Your OmniFund Level

OmniFunds gives you several choices on how you would like to manage your account. Whether you would like to use one of the OmniFunds we provide, create your own, or use a “Super Fund”, we provide you with the right solution for your investment needs.

Register for OmniFunds Now and SAVE

The OmniFunds Platform is yours at a major discount for a limited time. Just register on the site and then select which OmniFund you want to use. Then you simply have to activate in your Interactive Brokers or GarWood Securities account and let OmniFunds do the rest. The only fees you will have to pay are the transaction costs at Interactive Brokers or Garwood Securities.

We will introduce an Assets under Management (AUM) later in 2018. At that point, registered OmniFunds users will pay just a 0.25% AUM fee in order to continue using the platform (compared to 0.5% for new users). Register today to lock in savings and begin taking advantage of what OmniFunds has to offer.

Create Your Own OmniFund

Do you want to create your own OmniFund? The OmniFunds Lab gives you the ability to design your own, personal investment solution. You can make change anything you like to current OmniFunds in order to customize it, or you can create your very own Omnifund from scratch. If you want to try different ideas, you can create multiple OmniFund. You can also test different settings in the Lab’s Experiments Page in order to find the absolute best settings.

The Lab comes with an unconditional 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. Try the OmniFunds Lab at no risk and take complete control of investing future.  You can learn more about the OmniFund Lab by clicking Here.

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Invest in "Super Funds" with Omnifunds Professional

OmniFunds Professional is limited to a select few OmniFunds Users. With OmniFunds Professional, you have access to our highest grade OmniFunds, which we call “Super Funds”. These special OmniFunds will use advanced asset-switching techniques and shorter switching intervals in order to realize superior performance.

<OmniFunds Professional:$5000>

Seats for OmniFunds Professional are currently unavailable. If you would like to be added to our OmniFunds Pro Wait-list, please click here.

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