All our OmniFunds are designed to beat market returns.  Our Professional OmniFunds are for those who
are willing to pay a little more to get the best fund-switching technology we can build.  Each
was built by our research staff using our OmniFunds Laboratory.

OmniFunds for Discriminating Investors

Our Premium OmniFunds

OmniFunds Professional is the home of our most aggressive OmniFunds - Funds designed to generate dramatically higher returns with less risk.

Advanced Techniques

Our Professional Funds were created in the OmniFunds Lab.  There are no limits as to how a Professional OmniFund can be created.  The Lab is available to current customers for a one-time fee. *  

Trading vs. Investing

Professional OmniFunds typically switch positions at much higher intervals than our "Regular" OmniFunds.

Competitively Priced

OmniFunds Professional funds will be open to all users once our Registered Investment Advisor status has been secured, for a fee of 2% of Assets under Management.

* Call 512-345-2545 to find out how to gain access to the OmniFunds Lab
prior to our becoming a Registered Investment Advisor.

The Professional Difference

The OmniFund shown to the left is one of our most aggressive OmniFunds, switching in and out of U.S. Stocks each week based on the Reversion to Mean principle.  

According to Reversion to Mean, when stocks retrace their movement in a trend, they will likely "revert" in the other direction.  So this OmniFund scores all Reversion Candidates each week and switches into those that have the highest potential to revert based on the Ranking Function.  

Since this OmniFund trades 4 symbols weekly (16x per month) it is better suited to accounts above $10,000 due to commission costs.