OmniFunds is Different

Most Robo Advisors use an Allocation Model and trade infrequently, which is why they are so cheap.  But the age-old saying that, "You get what you pay for" is just as true for fund management as it is for, say, buying shoes.

When it comes to managing your money, the lowest cost solution is not necessarily the best. We think it's important to actively look at what the market is doing and react accordingly.

OmniFunds uses a Market Timing Model and active ETF Switching System to automatically maintain positions in those ETFs that we believe are likely to appreciate based on trend-following principles.

Low-Cost Brokerage

Gar Wood Securities, LLC, is our Preferred Broker, Click here to learn more about Gar Wood Securities and to establish an account. Positions are managed at YOUR direction in your account. You are always in control.

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