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The Future of Intelligent Investing is HERE!

With OmniFunds Pro, users have access to our SuperFunds AND the OmniFunds Pro Lab.  Our SuperFunds were able to capture impressive gains in the volatile market of 2018, while out performing the market in the bull run of early 2019.  And with the OmniFunds Lab, Pro owners can create their very own SuperFund!

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Get Our "Super Funds" and SAVE

OmniFunds Professional

We are building a category of "Super Funds" based on advanced asset-switching techniques.  These OmniFunds will be reserved for clients who pay a higher fee (initially 2% of Assets).

When you sign up for OmniFunds Professional before the deadline, you will receive these Pro OmniFunds at no cost.  

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Create Your Own OmniFunds!

Take Total Control Over Your Investments

The OmniFunds Lab provides users with the ability to create their very own OmniFunds!  With Lab access you can easily control every aspect of the OmniFunds process.  Creating a custom OmniFund is easy, thanks to the new OmniFunds Lab.

Create your own groups, sectors, Portfolios, and OmniFunds.
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